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The Best Mini Projectors To Replace Your TV

Televisions are a great way to enjoy your favorite shows and video games. But they can only get so big, usually around 75 inches if you still want a high-quality image. Enter the mini projector, the small, affordable devices that can beam a gigantic screen into any room in your home, and easily be taken on the go. There is, of course, no shortage of mini projectors available these days. To help you wade through the options and choose the best for your preferences, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite mini projectors on the market right now.

DBPower Mini Projector

DBPower Mini Projector

DBPower Mini Projector


DBPower’s projector is capable of delivering a 176-inch display with 1080p full-HD resolution. The lamp inside the device comes with 50,000 hours of life, and since it includes an HDMI cable, you shouldn’t have any trouble plugging it into a video source and quickly beaming content onto a wall or screen. And if 176 inches is too large for your wall, you can knock the screen size down to as little as 32 inches. Better yet, when you combine it with a Wi-Fi dongle, you can wirelessly beam content from pretty much any device imaginable without having to deal with a maze of wires. The projector also comes with a three year warranty.

The DBPower Mini Projector is available now for $60.



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