Dolpo Region Trekking

Dolpo trekking is noted for the trekking in one of the most remote areas in Nepal. Dolpo lies in the north-west of the great Dhaulagiri massif nestling in the rain shadow of vistas of soaring summits. Trekking in Dolpo explores one of the most remote areas in Nepal which has harsh land of rugged topography and arid climate. This remote area supported a rich tradition of Bonpo religion in the 16th century. Its remnants are still found in the various gompas in Dolpo.

Trekking in Dolpo offers unique and scenic grandeur of the far western remote region of Nepal. As a new and exotic trekking destination, it provides solitary and adventure filled experience for the trekkers where nature has remained virtually untouched. Plateaus, valleys, forests and moreover, Dolpo in its Tibet-like setting is its attraction. Dolpo trekking offers a perfect opportunity to absorb the scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage of this region. The great Phoksundo Lake and towering above its western shores the 6612m Kanjiroba Peak is one of the most dramatically beautiful sights in the Himalayas. The trek begins from Jumla visiting famous Phoksundo lake and Shey Gompa for Upper Dolpo trekking and ends in Jumla.

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