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Refugee camp image wins food photo contest

Children holding bowls queuing for food

A photo of Rohingya refugee children queuing with empty plates in Bangladesh has won a major food photography award.

K M Asad has been named Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2020 for his image from a sprawling refugee camp at Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

More than one million people live in the refugee camp, recently been placed in lockdown amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

“This moving image really speaks to our times,” awards founder and director Caroline Kenyon says.

“The world is in the grip of Covid-19 – and normal life, whatever that may be, has stopped for all of us.

“These Rohingya refugee children remind us of the fragility of life, that our need for food for survival connects us all around the world – we are all the same.”

After judges sifted through 9,000 entries from more than 70 countries the winners, were announced online via a livestream event.

Here are some of the competition category winners, with descriptions by the photographers.

Bring Home the Harvest: The Morning Catch, by Zay Yar Lin,


Three fisherman throwing their nets out to sea with a sunset behind them“Three fishermen throwing their fishing nets in the lake near U Bein Bridge, in Mandalay, Myanmar[, also known as Burma].”

Food Bloggers: Bowl of Squash, by Aimee Twigger, UK

A woman sits at a table with a bowl of squash in front of herImage copyrightAIMEE TWIGGER
Image caption“A bowl of autumn squash, inspired by Vermeer. We had left them in a bowl by the window before a shoot and I loved the light and the colours.”

Food for the Family: Olek Eating Pancakes, by Anna Włodarczyk, Poland

A child picks up a pancake off a plateImage copyrightANNA WŁODARCZYK
Image caption“My son Olek eating pancakes in our summer Kashubian house.”

Food in the Field: When the Hive is Filled, by Xiaodong Sun, China

A beekeeper holds a honeycomb tray from a hive“Before harvesting the honey, the bee-keeper carefully removes the bees from their hives.”

Food Stylist: Halibut and Radish, by Nicole Herft, UK

Halibut and radish arranged on a plate in circles“This was another play on keeping the shapes round. Cured fish underneath, radish on top – I piped yoghurt and prawn oil around the outside and garnished with micro-herbs.”

InterContinental Food at the Table: Looking Too Good to Eat (Just Yet), by Sandy Wood, UK

Two men take photos of the their food in a restaurantImage copyrightSANDY WOOD
Image caption“Who will get the best shot? Three Instagrammer capturing the food at a social-media event.”

Young aged 15-17: Believers Sharing a Meal, by Sangjun Lee, India

People give thanksImage copyrightSANGJUN LEE
Image captionPeople share a meal during a Hindu ritual called Shraaddha in which they give thanks to deceased parents and relatives.

Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture: Baked Figs, by Liam Desbois, UK

Close up image of baked figs“Baked figs with walnut, honey and fresh thyme.”

Young aged under 10: Apples, by Scarlett Blanch, UK

Market stall“Apples for sale at a market stall.”

Champagne Taittinger Wedding Food Photographer: Just Desserts, by Thomas Alexander, UK

A waitress carries food through a wedding receptionImage copyrightTHOMAS ALEXANDER
Image caption“A waitress delivers desert to the happy couple at this wedding feast.”

On the Phone: Hilsa, by Azim Khan Ronnie, Bangladesh

Pile of fishImage copyrightAZIM KHAN RONNIE
Image caption“Hilsa, a type of herring, for sale in Bangladesh.”

One Vision Imaging Cream of the Crop: Vinaigrette, by Kai Stiepel, Germany

Close up image of oil and vinegar mixing together“To make a vinaigrette, you have to mix ingredients that sometimes don’t want to be mixed together.”

Pink Lady Apple a Day: Caramel Lady, by Diana Kowalczyk, Poland

An arm with tattoos on holds an apple that has been dipped in syrup“The moment of sweetness is worth it.”

All photographs courtesy Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2020.

source: bbcnews


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