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Are Keywords Still Important?

Do you wonder how important keywords are when choosing a domain? Are you looking for the perfect domain name that can attract users? This article gives you detailed answers to these questions.
Many factors are considered when choosing a domain name, though business owners focus more on those that help their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Google has always upgraded its algorithms and has made everyone wonder what the right approach to naming a domain is. This is a debate website owners usually have before creating a site. All in all, you need to make sure your domain name has no negative connotations, is void of unnecessary jargon and doesn’t look spammy.

Whether keywords are important or not, search engines tweak their algorithms to make it easy for internet users to find what they’re looking for. Adding keywords allows your site to appear easily in search results, but too much of it can make your website look spammy.

Google then mapped out a list of factors that make a website rank high. Choosing a domain stuffed with keywords wasn’t so relevant, but some websites maintained the technique to easily relate to users. However, stuffing your domain with keywords doesn’t make your site relevant. Creating quality content is what attracts traffic to your page. Therefore, it’s only wise to focus on satisfying consumer’s needs. It is after all humans that want to purchase what you have to offer, and not search engines.

Keywords On Domain Names Should Not Be Totally Neglected

Don’t see this article as being negatively focused on keywords. As stated earlier, some websites still make use of keywords to help customers relate easily. Therefore, this concept should not be discarded yet. If you can find a way to choosing a domain name that includes a keyword, it can be beneficial – as long as you don’t make your domain name look spammy or appear too lengthy. You can also get inbound links leading to the site to help boost SEO.

For example, let’s say you own a brand that resells cars. A domain like ‘’ or ‘’ wouldn’t be bad. This way, consumers can easily relate without feeling spooked. When a site links to the page, they can have a sentence like: “You can check out this Automobile Retail outlet”.

Such a domain doesn’t look spammy or keyword-stuffed, whilst Google will easily show it in search rankings as well.
A domain name like that is easy for any user to relate to. When a user keys in a query like “I need a car retail shop”, your domain then pops up. Backlinks to your site also give your page more credibility and consumers will be certain that your site has a solution to their query.

If your car retail store is ‘’, it will rarely display on the first page of search results. Users who see a name like that will bypass it for something they can relate to. On the other hand, you can combine the brand name with a keyword. ‘’ will attract users as well.

Before you settle on a domain name, ensure you are willing to keep it forever. It’s fine to change a domain name further down the line, but you wouldn’t want to embark on new marketing campaigns just to maintain SEO. Keep the domain name simple, short and make sure it’s also brandable. Take popular search engine, Google, for instance. Would you make use of their site if the domain was ‘’? The name ‘Google’ already gives a user an idea of what the site is about. Regardless of the spelling (Google not Goggle), it’s still brandable.

Keep in mind that your website is meant to satisfy your customers. Therefore, you need to name your domain with that in mind. Look for names your brains easily memorize them. Your domain name should be one that users can recognize anywhere. Choosing a domain name fabricated with keywords won’t do that. Focus on creating readable and engaging content, as it will always make visitors come back to your site. Once search engines notice traffic on your site, they will definitely follow.

The internet world has evolved. The saying that “less is more” is apt, and users these days are less likely to memorize any long domain name. Make use of keywords only when necessary. If not, avoid them and improve the content of your website. This will not only maintain your SEO but help your brand appear credible. Having a relevant domain name will be beneficial but you’ll still lack the charisma if your website design fails to allure users.

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